The Charles Silvestri Jr High School

The Charles Silvestri Jr High School is located in the Las Vegas area. The address is 1055 E Silverado Ranch Blvd in Las Vegas, NV 89183 and the phone number is (702)799-2240. It’s an excellent school system that provides quality education to the youth that attends it.

The School System Has Excellent Teachers

In the school system, the teachers are excellent at what they do. They care very much about their students and they want them to do well in their schooling. Each and every class is planned in a wonderful way so that the students feel both informed and engaged. They take part in what the teachers are teaching.

About Las Vegas And Living Near The School

The area is called Paradise and it has over 644,000 people living in it. They call the city their home and they love it. Living near the school is wonderful for many people. It’s an area that has a lot of excitement but also is wonderful for the youth to take part in a school system that is very good.

Buying And Selling Homes In This Area

It is easy to sell a home in the area as well as to purchase one. The cost of living is reasonable and people can find a decent home that they will really love for a reasonable amount of money. When they make their home near the middle school, they are grateful that their kids have such a great place to go to learn what they need to and experience all types of great activities. Since this is very important to many parents, they are pleased with what the area has to offer them.

Nice Neighborhoods

There are great neighborhoods where people can reside in. They can feel safe where they are living with plenty of great shopping options, entertainment, dining, and more. The hospitals are excellent and they can always feel safe with their police department and fire department that is always taking care of the public in the best way possible.

For the students, the parents, and the other people of the area, this is an area that is filled with wonder and different things to do. It offers so much to them that they never regret living there and enjoying everything about it. With the market like it is, people find just the right homes that they want to live in and call their own.

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